InnoDB is a storage engine for MySQL relational databases, which is used by widely used PHP script-based software applications such as Joomla 3 and Magento. It’s ideal for scalable apps, because it works astonishingly well when managing huge data volumes. Instead of locking the whole table to import new information into a database like many other engines do, InnoDB locks only one database row, so it can execute much more operations for the same period of time. Additionally, InnoDB offers a much better database failure recovery and supports database transactions and foreign key constraints – rules that prescribe how data inserts and updates should be treated. In case a specific task has not been fully completed for any reason, the action will be rolled back. In this way, the content in the database will be kept undamaged and will not be partially merged with newly entered content.

InnoDB in Hosting

You can activate any script-powered app that requires InnoDB if you have a hosting plan with our company, as the MySQL storage engine is available on our advanced cloud hosting platform by default. During the app activation – manual or automatic, InnoDB will be selected as the default engine and the setup process will continue flawlessly in case this engine is needed. You can run applications that require the MyISAM engine without the need to deal with any obstacle as well and, again, the engine will be selected automatically, so you will not need to edit anything manually at any time. In addition, we will also carry out regular backups of all the MySQL databases that you have in your shared account, so if you delete or overwrite anything, we can quickly get it back to the way it was on any of the previous 7 days.