A backup is a copy of a website which is kept on an independent server and could be restored if a problem occurs with the live website - a defeated script update, an unintended deletion of a file or of your entire database, etc. Restoring the website the way it was shall eradicate or reduce the damage the problem may have caused, which is by all means a certainly better option than having to rebuild your whole Internet site from scratch. Though you can download a copy of your content on your laptop or computer, keeping a backup is a function that the majority of website hosting providers incorporate as part of their packages. You have to check out how frequently they do that, though, because some companies generate a backup once every 7 days, that could be far from enough for a booking site or an e-commerce portal where the info is updated daily. It's adviseable to see how easily a backup could be restored, which could be crucial if some issue appears on your site.

Daily Data Back-up in Hosting

Because we acknowledge how critical your site info is, we keep everyday backups of all your files and databases, so in case anything fails, the Internet site could be restored just the way it was. In addition, we generate no less than 4 different backups every single day, so what will be restored shall be almost identical with, if not exactly the same as, what you had before. You can look at the backups right through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Cp and see on what day and at what hour they were made. Then you may simply copy the content to the live site folder. Alternatively, you may contact us and we will restore the backup from the desired date for you. We keep backups no matter which hosting you have chosen, so you will never have to concern yourself with losing any part of your web content.