Unlike some years ago when websites were almost exclusively static, the standard these days is to have a feature-rich, dynamic site. Few people can build such a web site from scratch though, therefore the simplest solution to have a dynamic site is to use a script application. Lots of hosting companies offer script installers that can be used to add this type of an app for each of your domain name or subdomains, so you will not need to add anything manually. The best thing about using an installer tool is the fact that the scripts are ready to use within a few minutes and the copy which will be installed is already with the settings required for it to run efficiently on the specific hosting server, so you will not need to change any script or account settings. In this way you can easily build one with just a few clicks even when you have never had a website before.

1-click Applications Installer in Hosting

The 1-click script installer we offer is available with every hosting plan absolutely free. You can choose from 50+ applications that will permit you to build any sort of Internet site - an online store, a forum, a personal portfolio or an image gallery. All you have to do is to choose a script and a domain, input the login details for the administration area that you want to have and that's it! In a few minutes our system will install that script and you will be able to log in to the back office to start building the website. There's no limit how many scripts you’ll be able to install or how many copies of a given script you can use at one time and you can access the installer through your hosting Control Panel. With our tool, you can forget about paying for website design services since you can build a professional and dynamic site with ease.